boys and girls,lets talk dirty!


There are so many questions about sex that l got to learn through my personal experiences. Most of these things have in the past been spoken in hush tones. So, am going to share some of these with you dear reader, probably you will relate, for others maybe this will be another tale that gets you going “ haiya!” and for others who haven’t experienced this yet, welcome to the big girls club. It will be fun, it will be chaotic, you will have those pregnancy scares that get you going “ Aki God, if it turns out negative, l promise l will be celibate till marriage” but guess what girl, what the pussy wants, the pussy gets!
Let’s talk first times, mine, nothing to write home about, l remember asking myself, “ Is this the mixture of pain and pleasure people so much talked about in high school?” All l felt was pain and none of the pleasure.
Heck l did not know that people shave!
I showed up, rocking that Karura forest! Truth be told l think that was the most embarrassing moment of my entire sexual life, the worst part of it was not knowing what to do, like where do the hands go? Do you lift them? Or just use them to push off this sweaty jamaa on you, who thinks, he is rocking your world but who, at this time has that serial killer look, basically eyes looking at each other, somehow he does not close his mouth and he keeps chanting some incomprehensive words…
So, l hear some of you ladies had candle-lit dinners, rose petals, and shit! Please do share, we would love to hear about your experiences.
To the boy child, please do not feel left out this blog will help you find that g-spot! That way she won’t have to fake moan again or fall asleep while you really going at it!
on this blog we do research, theoretical, practical and whatever tickles our fancy. we tell stories and share experiences that hope will make your sexual experience a little better, that way nobody has to yell ” please participate!”
Feel free, feel open, KARIBU TO G-SPOT!

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