Good Girl Gone Wild


A few weeks ago lm on tiktok, going round, checking one video after another. l came across this lady that said that if a man loves you, he wouldn’t put his penis in your mouth. Dear reader, allow me to laugh out loud to that statement. If a man loves me, he’ll part my legs and use his tongue to make me squirt on his face and l’ll gladly get on my knees and chock on that dick until he has had that sweet release and then swallow!

I’m so tired of how a group of people want to make us feel bad about how we choose to enjoy sex. Don’t try to guilt me about how l love doggy when your partner is thirsting on others coz you are so basic! The worst part of it, is that the lady that is advising you to not get crazy apparently because your man will see you as a prostitute (for lack of better wording) only lies on her back and goes “aah aah aah “

Excuse me madam Aah! I will ride that dick like a damn cowgirl and when he bends me over, l will ask him to spank me coz l’ve been a bad bad girl …and guess what?! He likes it!

Please ladies let him put that dick in your mouth and choke on it as many times as he wants you to. Yes, we live in a time where your man is only yours when you are with him but baby girl, what’s stopping you from being the best in the batch! I love it when my man moans in approval heck l get aroused when his toes curl.
Before you reprimand me, yes, l know sex doesn’t keep a man, coz if it did, all commercial sex workers would have rings on it. I get it!

I’m a lover of blow jobs l advocate for it. I mean, if you’re so okay with him going down on you why not return the favor? Same goes for men, talking about how you love it when she blows you but find going down on her ‘icky’. Some men can be so selfish! These are the same type of guys who will go for 1 minutes then ask you if you came. Yes sir, l came to the fucking wrong house!

Lets begin with men, when going down on her, please remember that this is not a spoon of blue band your licking. You don’t just go up and down and then boast to the guys of how you’re a cunnilingus guru! Meanwhile your lady is lamenting to her friends of how you promised to rock her world yet all you did is rock the bed.

Some of ya’ll don’t even know where the clitoris is, that’s why you’ve been baptizing that pussy with saliva and when she lied that she came, you fucking fell for it! Begin by asking her how she likes it, don’t be too egoistic. We are not saints, we touch ourselves, we know where and how to get to orgasm by ourselves!

Start from the outside then work your way in, the fun part is always making her wait, letting her crave for you.  Don’t go around poking and licking, female orgasm is a build up not a damn tap that just splashes! I know lm direct but you can’t just have your tongue there while your head is out. You better drown that head in those thighs and gasp for air when you need to, a woman wants to feel that you’re committed to her pleasure you can not be half arcing and expect her to enjoy, the added advantage is that your beard always helps a little bit, she loves the feel of it. Whatever you do, do not forget the vulva, play with it as well, heck it’ll invite you in..oh and before l forget, like in every meal, hands are very much welcome into the game keep in mind, some love the fingers others love the fist and other do not. Don’t forget to wash your hands before your meal though!

Ladies, for those like me who do not mind chocking, this one is for you. Don’t be predictable, surprise him when he’s busy pretending to work coz he decided to bring homework. Crawl under that table and pull down his sweats chances are, he won’t have his boxers on. Rub him slowly till his hard enough then play with his tip, at this moment he will begin reacting, please advise him to continue working. This is a power play, make him submit to you. You’ve got the most tender and sensitive part of him in your mouth, this is a major turn on for a man who is a submissive and for the dominant, he’ll be grabbing your head at this point. Don’t just go haphazardly this is not a fucking lollipop! Trace your tongue on his tip, lubricating as you do so, then slowly go down his shaft each deeper than the other. If his inches are longer, use your hands as an extension to your mouth, spit on it if you have to, at no time should your hands be dry. Go up and down then side to side as your mouth goes with the same rhythm. For crying out loud, this is not a damn carrot, do not use your teeth. Whatever you do, do not forget to play with his balls. This gender loves that.

Anyway am not a certified sex teacher, just a good girl gone wild.

As always, keep it real, keep it open.  

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