sex dreams-what do they really mean?

lives basically slowed down during the pandemic and so did mine. in fact its like my relationship at that time also hit a rut. l would leave work after 5 and would go to hangout with friends, other times l would pass by my back then boyfriend and as usual, boychild didn’t give your girl much attention. l had been using my toy for so long l was fed up of it.

l like to think of myself as the loyal type but l must admit cheating never felt so good. l met this guy at work, he was vanilla with a hit of caramel. he was my acquired taste. we started with harmless flirts here and there when he passed by my desk, but soon enough, l found myself fantasizing about him. his jokes were funnier and even his touch lingered.

a few weeks later l left work as early as l usually did. halfway home l could not find my phone in my bag. in a panic, l went back to the office and this guy was still working. he saw me walk past his office and hailed at me. we started talking and a few minutes later he walked round his desk. l thought he wanted to leave so l stood up to walk out as well. he behind me, swiftly closed the door in front of me then pulled me so close that l could feel his erection. my heart was beating fast and l somehow could not look into his eyes. his lips came close and at first l did not reciprocate his kiss.

he apologized as he moved back but by this moment he had aroused my already sex starved body. l don’t know what snapped but l remember pulling him back hungrily taking his lips while unbuckling his belt. yes, l went for it hard! at some point l stared at his body and in my head l was chanting wow! wow! wow! and right there, on his desk he made me squirt over and over again. l was so embarrassed l had never experienced such before. at this moment l had forgotten about the poor uber driver that waited for me outside or my poor boyfriend who kept calling me.

after that encounter, we kept at it for a while longer but soon after l was transferred to another region. there was no follow up since we were both in subsequent relationships back then but l remember having the most boring sex with my boyfriend that l eventually broke it off. few months to a year later, l remember having the steamiest dream with the guy almost every night, that when l woke up l had actually cum. it happened more times than l will admit but l was tempted to reach out to him countless times.

growing up in my teens l always heard that having sex dreams meant that one was possessed by some sort of demonic spirit that came to “take your innocence”. l was not exposed as much and living in a closed off family meant that l got to experience or know about some things later than my peers did. so back then l dared not dream about kissing a boy or else l would find myself in eternal damnation.

apparently, sex dreams are completely normal. every body has them and although most of us may not admit out loud that we do, its okay to have a dream of you getting down and dirty.

unfortunately, there’s not clear explanation or interpretation of said dreams but research shows a few assumptions. for example, dreaming about an experience with an ex or someone you’re severed ties with means that you miss them. sex with a stranger only means that you sex drive is on its high or your just sex starved. sex with a parent or someone in authority like your boss, lecturer or gynecologist means that you look up to them and you’re trying hard to impress or get recognition. sex with a friend may basically mean that you admire them or you are most definitely sexually attracted. and finally, when you have a dream that you are cheating on your partner, it means that you are missing intimacy and your relationship needs to be rejuvenated, something you need to talk about with your partner.
bottom line is, there is nothing wrong with having a little wet dream once or twice. having said that, you are not allowed to live a boring sex life. find new ways to get crazy .if you are single, meet and enjoy as many sexcapades as you can. safe sex should always be a priority. condoms are a necessity and for the freaks like me, please ensure that you and your partner have a safe word.

as always, keep it real, keep it open

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