this love thing. at first, he did not understand it. never understood why his friends kept obsessing over this or that girl. he felt that he was not ready to settle down. he would not be tied down. he was in Nairobi, the Bluetooth connects quickly, and pairing with other devices would not be an issue. all his needs would be taken care of by the nearest device. but you know what they say: when the music’s rhythm changes, the dancer must also change his dance.

she was in her third year in law school and had applied for an internship at the milimani law courts. she was new to the city and knew only her roommate. that day she took an early morning bus from embakasi to the CBD, she did not know the city much so she used google maps on her phone to navigate. she got to the court just in time before the Magistrate walked in. she sat next to a very handsome guy, she felt a little intimidated by him. he introduced himself as Jerry. he was a criminology student and was also on internship. the proceedings began, their roles were to listen to the proceedings, look at the evidence, and write a ruling for the magistrate. they paid attention.

every day after that, Jerry saved her a seat next to him. he lived in Ngara, which was a bit closer to town so he always arrived earlier. they spent afternoons together after court and went on dates. simple dates. he was from the city so he showed her all the routes and chill-out spots. he lived with an older brother who was barely at home. so many afternoons they walked to his place together to spend the afternoon. they would make lunch, watch some movies and soon enough they were getting naked.

a simple kiss that led to her taking his shirt off, then her top off, the bra was off, and he pulled her trousers off while she unbuckled his belt. soon their skins touched. his was soft and had goosebumps. she loved his scent. his lips met hers and they kissed hungrily. she felt his erection between her legs. he was endowed. she had not felt such a big one before. she wondered if she would be able to handle it. either way, she was excited.

jerry felt her tightness as he slowly parted her. her hands around his neck got tighter so he thrust in slowly then out and in again. She was so wet! so responsive! he loved it. he loved how she sighed in his ear and called out his name. he went in harder a pace faster and soon enough she let out a cry, her body was shaking and his sheets were wet with her sweet cum. he grinned with pride and continued. he loved this! there was no way he was going to leave this one. he was hooked!

he was big! at first, she felt a little pain that soon turned to pleasure. she was no virgin but this was her first experience that had been so mind-blowing. she had felt herself cum and Jerry had moaned in satisfaction. she smiled and bit her lower lip. her mother had sternly warned her against having anything to do with the Nairobi boys. here she was, cumming on these sheets ravishing his Luhya endowment. she was a wild one and she loved it!

days turned to weeks and every day after court they rushed over to his house, stripping each other as soon as they walked through the door. They had each other in every position on every given occasion. three months later, it was time for her to go back to her town. they said goodbye, with a promise to visit each other as many times as they possibly could.

she had failed to mention to Jerry that she was engaged. her fiance, John, worked in the neighboring county and would visit once every month. coincidentally, he visited soon after she went back home from the big city. he was happy to see her and brought her plenty of gifts. John noticed that she was not excited to see him, but dismissed the feeling thinking that maybe she had been fatigued from her journey. each time John made love to her, he felt that she did not enjoy herself as she did before. she would quickly clean up and go back to her phone.

she made the first trip to Nairobi to see Jerry and as usual, he rocked her world. she felt guilty though and planned to go back home and break things off with John. when she went back, she realized that she was pregnant. at this point, John had traveled two weeks prior and would not be back for a month. she freaked out. she told Jerry about it and also about her fiance and they both agreed that as soon as she had broken off her engagement with John, she would move to Nairobi and they would find a small house to move into and nurse their pregnancy.

a month later John came, at first glance, he noticed that she looked a little bigger. at night, when he tried to touch her she rejected him and opted to sleep on the couch. this went on for a few days until one night when she finally admitted her affair with a Nairobi guy she met during her internship. she did not mention the name of this guy or his location. she refused to unlock her phone. John felt betrayed. this man had eaten from his pot and worse had made her pregnant and now she was protecting him!

he felt anger rise in his heart and his hands started shaking. if he could not have her, then nobody would. he would begin by removing that thing she had in her, the evidence of her betrayal. he began punching her tummy, continuously and harder each time. his head went blank and all he did was punch and punch and punch! when he stopped she lay there on the ground, motionless. she was bleeding between her legs. he called out to her but she did not respond. he called and shook her but she just lay there. he had killed her. he ran to the kitchen and took a knife and thrust it into his belly.

her phone rang under the couch where she had thrown it in an attempt to get it away from John. Jerry kept calling over and over again. his love was not picking up.


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