taking away boring-5 toys to spice it up

Boring sex should never be an issue in any relationship. we should all be able to fall in love with people who match and bring out the freaks in us. certain times we are single and we need to take care of ourselves. thats where we bring in my favourite kind of kink. sex toys. how many do you like and which are your favourite? today lll share with you the top 5 reccommended sex toys for any couple,

the vibrator

there are a large variety of these ranging from the clitoral vibrators, anal vibrators, finger vibrators but my favorite is the rabbit vibrator. it is one of the most common and affordable toy. here is the fun part of it, for those that find orgasm via penetration, this baby serves just that. you can easily trace your g-spot and get yourself squirting in a matter of minutes. it has a smaller massager that gets that clitoris nicely taken care of and whether you like it fast or slow, the different vibration settings just serves the purpose. you can very easily use this baby on your partner depending on what he likes. you can add lube to the equation and give him that prostrate massage that will get him calling out your name over and over again.

cuffs and gags

l know that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you are a submissive in your relationship, then you know that this is your jam. basically a submissive, whether male or females loves the feeling of being restrained an having their dominant take the lead. the alternative to these is usually the tie, a rope or such kinds of materials but l recommend having those cuffs in handy as they guarantee a nice hold your partner will not be able to get out of and kill the fun. fair warning, it is better to use these with a partner you trust.

nipple clamps

you know how you love it when he/she plays with your nipples? this amazing toy is for you. it it very available and affordable and definitely one of the best toys to use for that intense pleasure. it also saves us the hustle of having to reach for the nipples during some of those kamasultra moments when youre trying to get really freaky and need to increase the pleasure.

anal plug.

before you cringe and act like anal isn’t your thing, hear me out, holier than thou. anal plugs are an amazing way to stimulate and help get comfortable, for those curious about or love anal sex. they come in different shapes and sizes so depending on your fancy, you are definitely covered.


of course you have noticed that one get a little dry after a certain amount of time during sex. it doesn’t mean that we aren’t enjoying. l know spit is usually the go to lubrication at this point and though its readily available, l would recommend a water based lubricant. personally, l love the feel of it. its the safest one to use for vaginal and anal penetration and the best option for people with a higher risk of getting yeast infections

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